Business Formation and Succession Strategies

At R & B Business Solutions, we believe in building long term relationships with all of our clients. Whether you need help forming your business or planning its succession, we can help you develop an airtight strategy.

Proper business formation is integral for the health and success of a small business. The best way to avoid roadblocks is to set your goals early and form the right entity to match those goals. Whether you’re looking to form a small partnership or build a large corporation, incorporating your business properly and establishing its structure from day one will help you avoid roadblocks that could limit your success.

Likewise, business succession is an often ignored, yet crucial step in securing your company’s future. Perhaps you are getting close to retirement and want to let a partner handle the business. Or maybe you’re simply getting your affairs in the event you pass away. If you want your business to outlive you, it’s important to think about who will take over when you’re unable to run the company. We can help make that process seamless by creating a plan well before that day comes.

At R & B Business Solutions we believe in servicing our clients from the beginning until the end of their business careers. Whether you’re just getting started or thinking about retirement, we can help you create a plan that will make you feel secure about your financial future.



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